Production of natural products based on essential oils for the elimination of odours

We have created our start-up to make up for a lack of the market by offering targeted products for the reduction of odours that at the same time have a low environmental impact and in line with the highest ecological standards.

Through special formulations we transform our product into molecules capable of capturing those which make up bad smells.

This accelerates the removal process and subsequent transformation into water or carbon dioxide. Through the use of natural substances such as essential oils we have created a range of products in various fields of use.

Our product range is entirely composed of blends that have natural properties, in fact they are composed of oils obtained directly from plants and for this reason they do not irritate or create annoyances.


EOS odours removal hand sanitizing gel is an alcohol-based product designed for the total elimination of odours from the skin, with a strong sanitizing action.
Through a long scientific research, we have patented a gel coming exclusively from natural products which, thanks to a special formula composed of essential oils, leaves a pleasant fragrance on the hands and affects the cause of bad smells at the molecular level.
Furthermore, thanks to its active ingredients, it is gentle on the hands and creates a unique soft sensation.
The product is dermatologically tested and can be used throughout the day several times without creating any irritation, cuts or dryness in the hands.
This special formula also allows us to create the customized product for our customers so we can vary the alcohol content of the product from 20% to 70% alcohol.

EOS gel is presented in packs of 100 ml, 500 ml e 1000 ml.

EOS gel is proposed in 3 different fragrances chosen to accompany our day in the best way:



Derived from the EOS hand sanitizing gel, we have created a special formulation designed exclusively for the world of catering.

The product in single-dose format allows you to sanitize your hands and guarantees a total elimination of odours (fish, onion, garlic, cheeses, etc.).

The product, in addition to being delicate on the skin, creates a unique sense of softness.

Single-dose EOS gel 1 ml comes in 2 pleasant fragrances:


Vicini Vicini by EOS through a particular formulation composed of essential oils acts totally on the smells that the pet releases. This unique product of its kind is made up exclusively of natural products which, thanks to a combination of active ingredients, breaks the odour molecules, leaving a pleasant fragrance. This product can be used on any surface our animal rests on:

  • Fabrics such as sofa beds, rugs
  • Doghouse
  • Floor
  • Rooms
  • Litter

The product is clinically tested and completely non-toxic for both humans and our animal.

Vicini Vicini by EOS is presented in spray containers from 200 ml.



An innovative product that thanks to quadruple effect creates a general well-being in our animal friends. Its completely natural formulation allows us to solve unpleasant complications that accompany the daily life of our animals.

Eliminates bad smell: thousands of bacteria and yeasts live in the fur of our animals, these are triggered when atmospheric events such as rain, humidity and a lot of sun involve them causing an unpleasant smell. Our product acts directly on the cause by eliminating the molecules that create the bad smell.

Polish the hair: the oil-based composition of our product creates a natural polishing of the animal’s fur, leaving a soft layer and giving vigour and shine.

Repellent: The special formulation of this product creates a protective layer around our animal removing insects such as mosquitoes and flies.

Sanitizer: thanks to a small percentage of alcohol, the product sanitizes the hair by eliminating unwanted bacteria.

The 2 fragrances proposed for this 150 ml product are:



EOS house spray is an innovative product, its natural properties deriving from essential oils obtained directly from plants, make this product unique in its elimination of odours.

It has been studied and tested to be used in environments where animals are present.

In the presence of any type of “smell”, EOS House spray eliminates it permanently, leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness and cleanliness in the air.

EOS House spray purifies the environment by acting directly on the cause of the bad smell.

EOS House Spray is presented in 200 ml spray containers with 3 fragrances:



EOS Car is a spray product designed to give the passenger compartment of cars a total elimination of bad smells (rain, smoke etc.) and at the same time leaves a pleasant fragrance.

The product should be sprayed directly on the car carpets.

EOS Car is a completely natural product.

EOS Car is presented in 100ml spray containers.

The 2 fragrances proposed for this product are:



EOS Shoes is a spray product exclusively designed for the elimination of odours from footwear.

Its special formula allows you to completely break down the source of the bad smells that lurk in the footwear.

EOS Shoes is completely natural and leaves a pleasant fragrance after use.

EOS Shoes is presented in 100ml spray containers with 1 fragrance:


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